Juan Bultó

26th of April 1959, Barcelona

Juan Bultó I Sagnier, Francisco Bultó’s son, founder of Bultaco, is one of our riders.

He has been a classic motorcycle’s championship winner in several occasions between 2003 and 2013. He is also the champion of 250 GP AHRMA 2017 and the pilot who rode the ePR01 at the 5th Edition of MotoStudent.

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Rocío Bultó

15th of April 1998, Barcelona

Rocío Bultó Soler-Roig, Juan Bultó’s daughter, is our second pilot.
She is an expert in motocross and dirt track. She was the one who tested the ePR00 for the data collection sessions.

She will be the one that will ride the ePR02 at this year’s edition.
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