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ePoweredRacing is a team made up by 15 EEBE (Escola d'Enginyeria de Barcelona Est) students of different Engineering modalities such as Mechanical, Electronics or Electrical among others. Our target is to design a 100% electric racing motorcycle to compete in MotoStudent Electric, among other international competitions.

Our team has more than 7 years of history, where we have achieved incredible results with our 3 prototypes.

Until now, we have participated in 2 competitions: MotoStudent V and MotoStudent VI, where we have got the 6th and 9th place respectively, being the 1st Catalan team in both.

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The ePowered RACINGstudent team has been the first winner in the Energy Transition category at the Germinador Social awards ceremony.

On October 22, the 6th edition of the Germinador Social was held, a contest promoted by the Fundació Coop57 and Som Energia, where our team won the first prize in the Energy Transition category.

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germinador social

Best Catalan team in Motostudent 2021

ePowered RACING has been the best Catalan team during the sixth edition of MotoStudent. The EEBE motorcycle team has placed ninth in the general classification in which 50 teams from all over the world take part.

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What is our purpose?

At ePowered RACING we work every day to make a better world, starting by creating an electric motorbike.

Design and manufacturing

We design and manufacture 100% of the motorcycle from the mechanical part to the electrical/electronic part.

Protecting the environment

We rigorously select our suppliers and sponsors who are environmentally aware

International competition

The official competition is Motostudent Electric, where 54 teams around the world compete for the best e-bike.

Young talent

All of our work is 100% made by students who are developing their skills to see how we can develop sustainable technology.


Last season, we took part in MotoStudent VI against 46 university student teams among all over the world; Spain, Italy, Poland, Canada and Brazil among others. The competition took place in MotorLand Aragón.

But, what is MotoStudent? MotoStudent is a motorcycle competition composed of university teams which lasts 4 days. These days,the motorcycle is tested to overcome some challenges. The competition is divided into 2 phases:

MS1 Phase. During this phase, the motorcycle is evaluated from an industrial point of view, where aspects such as the mass production viability and its later sale are valued.

The MS2 phase, instead, focuses more on the design and dynamics part. First, the motorcycles have to pass some technical checks and rain tests. Later on, a rider of the organization tests the motorcycle's performance. Once approved, our rider participates in different tests, including acceleration and braking. Last but not least, a race is held between all the motorcycles that have previously passed the tests.

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