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ePowered Racing

Our objective is to design and fabricate an electric racing motorcycle

A Journey to MotoStudent

6th Edition of MotoStudent

Our Story

The team was created in early 2015, coinciding with the enrolment date of the 4th Edition of MotoStudent. Given the little experience of the founders, they decided to design the first prototype out of the competition, with the aim to compete at following edition with the knowledge and experience required to compete at the final event.


This is the ePR00, the result of 8 months of work: designing, simulating and searching for sponsors and parts to finally, be able to fabricate it.

We carried out several test days on track to collect data and then compare it with the theoretical values, with the goal to correct any mistakes.



Maximum Speed




Work Hours


When the ePR00 project was over, we decided to enrol on the 5th Edition of MotoStudent.

We learned from our mistakes and, using the knowledge gained over the past year, we started to develop the ePR01.

After 18 months of dedication, the team was ready to compete. We presented the motorcycle at the university and a couple of weeks later we went to the final event.

We got the 6th world position, 4th in Spain and 1st in Catalonia.



Maximum Speed




Work Hours


The future of the team

Currently we are developing the ePR02, which will race at the 6th Edition of MotoStudent this year. The design phase is almost over and soon, we will start fabricating the prototype.
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Electronic Components


Electric Components


Design and Mechanical Components




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